Manchester City is rejoicing as newly appointed manager Ange Postecoglou has made history in the Premier League, becoming the first Australian to lead a team in the top flight of English men’s football. Pep Guardiola has lauded Postecoglou for his groundbreaking arrival with Tottenham Hotspur on a four-year deal, taking effect from July 1st.

Postecoglou and Guardiola’s paths crossed only recently, when melburnian was leading J1 League club Yokohama F. Marinos. With Postecoglou’s entry into the premier league, Manchester City must take a closer look at how this move will impact them and their season.

Postecoglou is an outstanding coach with proven records both internationally and domestically. He has had multiple stints with Australia’s national team, managing them through the 2014 World Cup, winning 22 out of 35 matches played in that period. His most recent success story was with Yokohama F. Marinos where he achieved one of the best ever points-per-game average in the J1 League – 2nd highest in its history- while also leading them to win the 2018 championship title after 14 years of drought.

Postecoglou now joining Tottenham could be Liverpool’s biggest threat this season since he is known for his offensive tactics which can put defenses under tremendous pressure if implemented well by Spurs players. The fear this could bring to Manchester City fans is real; a new manager accustomed to winning titles can bring fresh ideas and strategies that could give rivals a headstart or even overtake Manchester City as contenders for future seasons or titles they are gunning for this year.

Despite all these worries though, it is important to remember that Guardiola still leads one of the most successful teams ever seen in English Football, winning 4 major titles since 2016 including back to back Premier League titles and an unprecedented treble in 2019 (Premierleague, FA cup and Carabao Cup). As well as being known for their attractive attacking style of play thanks to Guardiola’s tactical approach, Manchester City also boasts one of the strongest home jerseys in football – making any team wearing it look formidable no matter what competition or field they play on; whether it’s against Liverpool or someone else altogether such as Tottenham Hotspur or any other top European teams featuring Postecoglou’s coaching talents .

Ultimately it remains unclear what type of impact Postecoglou’s move to Spurs will have on Manchester City’s upcoming title race but regardless there is always more than meets the eye when it comes to influencing an entire league or season like this one; Especially when you consider all factors such as managerial experience and past successes coming from overseas combined with existing domestic rivalries between clubs like Liverpool and Man city. Although we can’t predict what will happen next, we can certainly look forward to finding out what kind of influence Ange Postecoglou will have on English Football with his arrival at Tottenham Hotspur come July 1st 2023! If you are interested in Tottenham Hotspur jerseys and Manchester City jerseys, you can find out more by clicking here.